Tony Jarvis, Chief Technology Officer of Asia Pacific and Japan region for Check Point Software, collaborates with business leaders and CISOs to understand their cyber risk exposure, and to tailor effective cyber security strategies to meet their needs. In addition to serving as the CTO for the Asia Pacific and Japan region, Tony contributes to corporate thought leadership, pursues media engagements, and represents the brand as a keynote speaker at international cyber security events.

In this second interview of our two-part interview series, Tony Jarvis discusses important issues for CxOs around cyber security management amidst the coronavirus epidemic. Did you miss Part 1? Click here.

Q: How are organizations contending with the significant uptick in cyber attacks?

Prior to the pandemic, over three quarters of organizations had not consistently tested business continuity plans. One quarter of organizations did not have a business continuity plan at all. And, the rapid displacement of the workforce has led to impromptu problem solving, meaning that professionals have had to be reactive, rather than behaving proactively. Many organizations are now restructuring ad-hoc organizational processes, and investing in cyber security architecture improvements.

Q: What should organizations prioritize right now?

A: Research shows that 25% of endpoint devices have a critical security application that’s missing, inactive or out-of-date. Prioritize endpoint protection. As you obtain improved security for endpoints, ensure that your security allows for maximum visibility. This will enable you to better identify threats, quarantine malicious elements, prevent lateral movement, and minimize damage following an incident.

Q: What best practices are recommended?

Best practices include:

• Ensuring that all applications and systems are patched
• Adopting strong password policies that prevent the re-use of passwords across multiple accounts
• Implementing 2FA to reduce the chance of attackers gaining unauthorized access to employees’ accounts

Q: Any traps to avoid?

A: It’s understandable that many are worried about making the ‘wrong’ decision right now. The single worst mistake that your organization can make is to decline taking action altogether. This is the time to rethink security, and how to extend it across the workforce, regardless of the usual roadblocks, such as budget, or approvals.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date as the situation evolves?

A: Check out Cyber Talk’s Fast Facts for CxOs page to get up-to-the-minute info on the latest cyber news, trends and tips.