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Solutions BriefsYour organization can leverage solutions briefs to help address emerging challenges and drive towards business goals. Solutions briefs are specifically designed to provide consolidated information, to highlight critical cyber security concerns, and to put forward flexible recommendations for meeting new cyber and business needs. Get exclusive insights about advances that are shaping the future of cyber security and the digital landscape at-large. Discover Cyber Talk’s solutions briefs:

Ways to Optimize Security in the New Cashless Commerce Culture

Companies in the cashless infrastructure space are growing at breakneck speed. Stay secure with digital payments. 

Optimizing security in a cashless, e-commerce culture
Preventing a Cyber Pandemic

Find out about how to avoid business security compromises while your employees work from home.

Preventing a cyber pandemic, concept art
Nine Ways to Optimize: A Cyber Risk Assessment

Protect your organization from cyber attacks. Assessing cyber risk exposure can help you model operational risks, and manage them more effectively.

9 Ways to Optimize: A cyber risk assessment checklist
Cloud security in the pandemic-driven perimeterless threat landscape

In the next 12 months, 45% of organizations expect to move an additional 75% of their applications to the cloud. 

Cloud Security in the Pandemic Driven...
A Powerful Multi-Cloud Security Checklist for High Payoff Results

More than 90% of organizations now rely on multi-cloud environments. Elevate your multi-cloud security strategy and thrive amidst the new normal.

Multi-cloud checklist concept
Coronavirus Email Security

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, cyber criminals created fake coronavirus-related emails, launching them as interfaces for phishing attacks. Here are the top three phishing attack styles.

Employee emails in the age of coronavirus
VPN Security: Data Loss is Only One Slip Away

If your VPN solution could potentially mean a call to the FBI or the NFIB, this solutions brief is for you.

Data loss is only one slip away
Cyber security for the education sector

Schools are up against hackers who wish to steal personal information. Protect your school district. 

Five reasons schools must prioritize...
Nation-state hacking

Get cyber security recommendations that can help you avoid and mitigate these types of threats.

How Nation-State Actors can Undermine your Cyber Security