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This week in working from home:

  • Is offering remote workers as much flexibility as possible really a brilliant business strategy? Microsoft thinks so and here’s why. 
  • 57% of survey respondents report that their employer will not permit them to bring work-related equipment home in order to help with the new hassles and hectic home arrangements caused by the pandemic.  
  • 31% of workers have purchased their own equipment in order to effectively work at home. 
  • 60% of newly remote workers are now spending more time working than prior to the pandemic.

This week in cyber attacks:

  • Reports indicate that the Tokyo Olympics could have been the target of a major planned cyber attack. 
  • Medical facilities in the US state of Pennsylvania suffered cyber attacks that led to nearly $1 billion in losses. 
  • This brand is the most widely imitated by hackers when it comes to phishing attempts.  

This week in 5G news:

  • Here’s what happens when you take 5G and combine it with edge computing. 
  • Only 15% of business leaders have invested in 5G infrastructure. Find out why
  • The iPhone 12 recently made its debut, and boasts 5G capabilities, but should consumers really care

 For CISOs: 

  • Election-related domains are more than 50% more likely to be malicious than other domains. 
  • Voice commands for SD-WAN management? It’s possible
  • Have you evaluated your business continuity plans against the reality of what transpired in the recent shift to remote work? Now might be the time
  • Does your team document processes? Create repositories of useful steps, procedures or expectations. When employees hand in their two-weeks, it’s often too late

Check back next week for more updates from the frontlines of IT.