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This week in working from home:

This week in cyber attacks:

  • Over 600 enterprises in Japan reportedly hit by cyber attacks due to remote work.
  • In the US, attacks on healthcare organizations are still threatening to overwhelm facilities. Learn more.
  • Schools are still suffering and stumbling over cyber attacks.
  • 4 million container images hosted on repository showed that over 50% contained at least one critical vulnerability.

This week in fun and fascinating: 

  • Malware used for 5 years: authors are finally found by group of experts.
  • Google identifies an iPhone vulnerability. The bug could have allowed a cyber spy to “view all the photos, read all the email, copy all the private messages and monitor everything which happens on [an iPhone] in real-time,” says Ian Beer, who identified the bug.
  • This holiday book guide will teach you about tons of tech stuff

This week in the cyber security skills gap:

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