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This week in cloud news:

  • More than 90% of enterprises report that their IT teams depend on the cloud.
  • Since 2018, the average organization has increased cloud investments by 59%.
  • Will Microsoft and Google catch up to AWS? Get the latest.
  • Unified cloud native security platforms can circumvent challenges associated with traditional cloud native security. Learn more here.

This week in working from home:

This week in mobile security news:

This week in data privacy and security:

  • In the UK, a data regulator has assessed a fine of 100,000 pounds to an organization that sent out more than 21 million unsolicited emails.
  • What sensitive health information will be collected by American schools as some begin to reopen? “Schools and districts should have clear plans in place for how they will collect, use, and store health data to ensure it is not ultimately used to limit educational access or opportunities for vulnerable students,” says one expert.
  • According to leaked documents, the US Department of Homeland Security is worried that wearing masks will create a crisis for police departments that want to use facial recognition software.

This week in fun and fascinating tech trends:

  • Disarmingly elegant and effective wireless cell phone chargers? This group is charging ahead with an initiative to make them ubiquitous. Read about Eggtronic.
  • This unicorn is filing for an IPO. What are your predictions?
  • The CTO of Nevada’s esteemed Burning Man event explores how recreate the experience online. See what he says about it.

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