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Increased levels of digitization translate to new opportunities and new cyber risks. With greater dependence on technologies, enterprises must determine how to best address cyber risk exposure. Cyber security maturity is a continual pursuit, but some industries are known for greater cyber security maturity than others. Where does that leave your enterprise?

The World Economic Forum has named cyber security the fourth largest danger to the global economy. $2,900,000 is lost to cyber crime every minute. The past few years have proven record-breaking when it comes to the sheer volume of attacks, corresponding costs, and data loss. Hundreds of thousands of attacks have occurred, billions of dollars have been lost, and billions of records have been stolen.

Ninety-percent of organizations rely on outdated cyber security tools. Cyber security threats have dramatically increased in sophistication due to machine learning, artificial intelligence, metamorphic capabilities, and many other new capabilities, services, tactics and motivations for pursuing cyber crime.

Eighty-percent of senior IT employees and security leaders perceive their enterprises as lacking in adequate cyber security protections. Cyber security challenges created by the pandemic exacerbated this issue. Despite the high-level of concern, businesses are gradually continuing to address ecosystem-based security gaps.

But organizations need to take swift and decisive action in order to avert severe cyber security breaches and data loss. Creating a cyber security preparedness portfolio is a multi-step, cross-departmental process. While organizations may hesitate to allocate budget to security investments, the rewards of doing so span beyond keeping hackers out.

There are many reasons to pursue more robust cyber security. Adapting, reconfiguring and upgrading infrastructure to meet the latest cyber security challenges not only offers improved prevention and defense capabilities, but also provides businesses with a competitive edge, and can lead to long-term cost savings. Organizations that select a consolidated cyber security solution

Nearly every business is exposed to a certain level of risk. This level of risk expands as businesses increase dependency on technologies, new endpoints, and pursue mergers and acquisitions. Prioritizing cyber security can increase the chances of long-term business success. Strong cyber security safeguards enable enterprises to strengthen the brand’s name, to build consumer trust, and overall resilience in the marketplace.

No matter what industry you’re in, or where you’re located, discover how to protect your business 24/7/365. Select a repudiated, trustworthy vendor with a proven track record of success that can help your business start and scale cyber security; and that can help you stop attacks at every stage.

Searching for a vendor can be overwhelming and can leave decision-makers with plenty of uncertainty. Wondering about how to make sense of the information overload, what to ask of vendors and how to orchestrate organization-wide changes to security? See our expert-crafted Buyer’s Guides.