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  • World’s largest dark web marketplace, how authorities removed it from the internet

    Dark Web Concept

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Authorities stop illicit commerce and DarkMarket In a Europol-coordinated event, the world’s largest dark web marketplace, known as DarkMarket, has been dismantled. German authorities arrested a 34 year-old Australian man who is allegedly behind the dark website. Authorities have also seized 20 of the servers connected to the nefarious operations. Prior to the […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 14, 2021
  • 7 ways SolarWinds is supercharging its cyber security in 2021

    Cyber security concept

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: SolarWinds’ CEO, Sundhakar Ramakrishna, is overseeing new, high-caliber cyber security efforts. Initiatives are underway to secure SolarWinds’ internal environments and to ensure the integrity of the company’s software. The goal is to become “secure by design”. Seven of Solarwinds’ latest cyber security initiatives: All new build environments with stricter access controls and deployment […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 14, 2021
  • Social security identity theft during the coronavirus

    Kristin Judge

    By Kristin Judge, CEO/Founder of Cybercrime Support Network The cyber crime threat is becoming more relevant in our lives each day. With the rapid increase in internet usage due to the coronavirus pandemic comes an increase in online scams. The number of individuals affected by online crimes is only expected to rise again in 2021. […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 13, 2021
  • Sunspot malware surfaces as SolarWinds culprit, backdoor intruder

    Cyber security concept, SolarWinds and Sunburst and Sunspot

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Sunspot malware discovery and an updated SolarWinds’ breach timeline In December of 2020, organizations across the globe reeled in disbelief after the disclosure of the SolarWinds supply chain attack. The investigation into the origins, technical configuration and damage caused by the attack are still underway. Contrary to prior thinking, recent research findings indicate […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 12, 2021
  • Do not trade your security partner for a security solution

    Check Point Expert Ilan Uriel

    In this Cyber Talk article, expert Ilan Uriel discusses the status quo in network security and why organizations should rethink their network security strategies. These are security insights for the new normal and beyond. About Ilan Uriel: Innovation evangelist at Check Point Software Technologies. Over 25 years of experience in the computer industry as a […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 11, 2021
  • After US riots, Capitol computer systems may be in danger

    Capitol cyber attack concept

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In the US, the political events of January 6, 2021 are headed for the history books. The US Capitol building experienced an extreme breach of physical security. While the rioters ravaged the rooms, could they have planted a cyber security threats? For example, rioters accessed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. In theory, a […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 8, 2021
  • Juspay combats huge data breach, 35M compromised

    Amazon partner Juspay experiences a data breach, image concept

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In August, the data belonging to 35 million credit card holders saw compromise through a breach of the popular payment platform known as Juspay. A security researcher reports that the data was recently disbursed on the dark web. Juspay partners with major online retailers to process payment transactions –as many as 650,000 per […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 7, 2021
  • How your home address could be compromised by hackers in under 10 minutes

    Hackers can find your home address

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Hackers may be able to see your home address through this app The Telegram messenger app is one of the most popular messenger apps worldwide. The app sees 400 million monthly users. Messages are end-to-end encrypted. They are not saved on company servers and users can delete their message threads after a chosen duration of […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 6, 2021
  • 5 insights for business leaders, the SolarWinds fiasco

    SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Has the SolarWinds breach changed how you think about security? It’s sparked major mindset and structural changes across many industries and organizations. As we learn more about the full scale of the SolarWinds supply chain attack, we can implement more impactful and highly targeted cyber security mitigation strategies, safeguards and system-wide solutions. The […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 5, 2021
  • What you need to know about ransomware & how it’s crippling healthcare

    Ransomware, hospitals and healthcare

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: A cyber attack on a hospital or healthcare group could jeopardize lives on any given day and the idea of a cyber attack on a care facility amidst a worldwide pandemic is especially unnerving. Late last year, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, the FBI, the UK’s National Health Service issued a joint […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 5, 2021
  • Cyber criminals capitalize on confusion, vaccine scams chaos

    Coronavirus vaccine concept

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The new coronavirus variant is prompting a renewed sense of urgency among official entities and organizations orchestrating the vaccine rollout. In Britain, the coronavirus vaccine distribution efforts have hit a few roadblocks. “The situation could be best described as confused,” reports ZDNet. ​Before you scroll away to more optimistic articles, here’s why that […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Jan 4, 2021
  • Cyber security predictions for 2021

    2021 Cyber security concept

    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In 2020, cyber threats hit every industry sector. We’ve seen extraordinary new types of cyber threats. And higher percentage of organizations have suffered cyber breaches than usual due to quick transitions to a distributed working environment and other pandemic-related hurdles. How will cyber threats and threat defenses evolve in 2021? Here’s what cyber […]

    Source: CyberTalk.org | Published: Dec 31, 2020