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Cyber Talk Glossary

Cyber Talk’s glossary offers definitions of must-know terms. You will find these bits of industry jargon deployed throughout Cyber Talk articles and across the internet. 

Please see the short list below:

  1. What is a CIO?
  2. What is a CTO?
  3. What is a CSO?
  4. What is a CDO?
  5. What is a CISO?
  6. What is IOT?
  7. What is BYOD?
  8. What is cloud computing?
  9. What is edge computing?
  10. What is an incident response plan?
  11. What is cyber defense?
  12. What is CAPTCHA?
  13. What is an attack surface?
  14. What is a firewall?
  15. What is cyber insurance?
  16. What is malware?
  17. What is ransomware?
  18. What is phishing?
  19. What are major cyber attacks?
  20. What is the cost of a cyber attack?
  21. What are common cyber attacks?
  22. What is National Computer Security Day?
  23. What is hacktivism?
  24. What is Zero Trust?
  25. What is DevSecOps?
  26. What is a digital transformation?
  27. What is mobile device management?
  28. What is network security?
  29. What is cloud native