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Cyber Talk Glossary

Looking for C-level definitions of strategic business and computing terms? Tired of technical uncertainty? Computing systems represent essential pillars of modern businesses, but the complete acquisition and understanding of relevant terms can be tough. Get definitions that are easy to understand.

In this glossary, explanations use plain language, include videos, and incorporate links to complementary content from Cyber Talk and other well-respected sites. Lay the groundwork for future learning. Discover must-know terms that can help you maintain your organization’s networks and that can empower you to innovate in new directions. Please see the list below:

  1. What is a CIO?
  2. What is a CTO?
  3. What is a CSO?
  4. What is a CDO?
  5. What is a CISO?
  6. What is BYOD?
  7. What is an incident response plan?
  8. What is cyber defense?
  9. What is CAPTCHA?
  10. What is an attack surface?
  11. What is cyber insurance?
  12. What is Locky ransomware?
  13. What are major cyber attacks?
  14. What is the cost of a cyber attack?
  15. What are common cyber attacks?
  16. What is National Computer Security Day?
  17. What is a digital transformation?
  18. What is a computer virus
  19. What is a Data Breach?
  20. What is the quantum internet
  21.  What is Data Privacy Day
  22. What is World Backup Day
  23. What is Safer Internet Day
  24. What is World Password Day
  25. What is data destruction
  26. What is lateral movement
  27. What is datacenter security?
  28. What is Datafication?
  29. What is phishing vs. spear phishing?
  30.  What is pharming vs phishing?