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AI Week 2023! All artificial intelligence, all week!

Get ready for AI Week 2023!

AI is no longer merely a figment of our imaginations – it’s now a reality. In fact, it’s arguably the hottest topic in business worldwide, with 83% of companies saying that AI is a top priority. By implementing AI, businesses can increase their productivity by as much as 40%.

Nearly 70% percent of executives have stated that AI results in higher efficiency for cyber security analysts within their organization.

The number of AI startups has grown by 6X in the last two decades, and we’re seeing incredible results, as evidenced through OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool, and subsequent advancements in chatbot technology.

Artificial intelligence has massive implications across industries, organizations, and individual departments. The market is continuing to grow. In 2022, the global AI market size reached a staggering $136.6 billion and this year, it’s expected to result in even more disruption!

Want to learn more about the latest AI trends and insights for businesses? Discover premium business-focused artificial intelligence insights during this year’s #AIweek, a virtual themed week sponsored by CyberTalk.org. Join us! March 27th – 31st.

Why join us!

During #AI week, you can explore all things AI; from natural language processing, to practical applications for the latest AI tools, to calibrating expectations around AI, to technology’s limitations and corporate liability.

Regardless of your organization’s current approach as it relates to AI, during #AIweek, you’ll be within reach of exclusive content designed to help you optimize your business, your teams, your role, and your life.

  • Explore the buzziest words, the latest trends and general information
  • Find out about ChatGPT integration security and keeping your employees safe in the age of easily accessible chatbots
  • Learn about how red teams can leverage artificial intelligence-based tools
  • Discover insights into the ROI associated with AI-based technologies
  • See what AI can teach us about what it means to be human, according to experts

This is must-have material that you won’t want to miss and that you’ll be eager to share with colleagues and peers! And don’t forget to spread the word – let your contacts know about CyberTalk.org’s AI week. They might learn from, find inspiration in and appreciate AI week too!

More benefits

  • An AI-themed week helps raise awareness around the potential applications, implications and benefits of AI. By highlighting the latest developments and use-cases, leaders can better understand how AI is transforming industries and reshaping our world.
  • An AI-themed week also serves as a platform through which to educate leaders about AI, including its benefits, challenges and limitations. Executive-level knowledge and insight means that leaders can then make more informed decisions pertaining to AI and its applications.
  • And more broadly, and AI-themed week promotes greater understanding and appreciation of AI, fostering innovation, collaboration and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Further thoughts

Join us for this year’s #AIweek, a virtual themed week sponsored by CyberTalk.org. Get ready for intriguing insights that make you think and that can help you achieve new heights of success. See you there!

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