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Addressing data privacy concerns

Jan 30 – Data privacy is important, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to tackle. A new report by the professional IT governance association known as ISACA indicates that there is a general lack of qualified cyber security labor available to assess risk mitigation and compliance initiatives.

Technical privacy and legal/compliance teams are understaffed. Making matters worse, enterprise privacy budgets are commonly underfunded, rendering it particularly challenging to acquire adequate talent.

Compliance concerns

Failure to comply with privacy laws and regulations can result in financial penalties, reputational damage and legal limbo. Cyber security compliance issues are often avoidable.

Working on weak security

To ensure a culture of compliance and compliance consistency, support your existing staff effectively. In addition, manage the process involved in maintaining regulatory compliance.

Compliance outcomes

If your organization is 100% compliant with cyber security regulations worldwide, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your organization is as secure as possible. Many data breaches have occurred within organizations that were compliant on paper.

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