At the premiere cyber security event of the year, CPX 360 2021, Check Point Software’s CISO Jony Fischbein offered insights into how he and his team shifted 5,400 employees from the company’s global headquarters and regional offices to 100% remote work.

In his CPX 360 talk, he frames the transition by creating an analogy involving the popular global streaming platform, Netflix. “Netflix has done an amazing job utilizing orchestration and automation, and that’s exactly what we did during 2020 to ensure that our organization would remain secure”, said Fischbein.

There are six primary ways in which Check Point ensured a secure transition to remote work at-scale:

1.     Policy: New policies were developed and employees needed to adapt quickly.

2.     Identity: Mechanisms were put in place to ensure that the people accessing the systems are in-fact who they say that they are.

3.     Compliance: Explaining and enforcing best practices was key.

4.     Automation: Check Point implemented automated processes to ensure that the company could scale.

5.     Prevention: Prevention infrastructure was added. “Not just detection. We needed to prevent all threats on the fly”.

6.     Collaboration: The transition was made easier through the use of tools, from Teams to Zoom.

Ultimately, Check Point implemented over 20 different mitigation steps in order to ensure that the transition was as safe as possible.

For more information about Fischbein’s strategy as he transitioned employees to remote work, watch his CPX 360 talk, right here.