With a growing workload, constant communication, and continual attempts to educate end-users, the pace of a cyber security professional’s day can be dizzying. And, cyber security professionals continually contend with the knowledge that a slip could mean the loss of a career.

As someone in a prominent leadership role who oversees a small army of workers, how can you prevent the contagion that is depleted morale? These four simple strategies can help you navigate through stressful seasons, and retain your talented staff members.

  • As you engage with the members of your team, ensure that you’re projecting calm confidence, rather than a frenzied approach that’s liable to incite panic. Says business advisor and coach Lisa Lai, “check your own emotional energy as a manager.”
  • Help connect your employees to the purpose of the work. Deriving meaning from having a mission can help employees feel better about walking through those office doors, especially during crunch time.
  • Evoking and expressing empathy for those you work with improves morale too. And as you listen, you can gain ideas for how to better serve your employees.
  • In addition, where possible, offer your employees autonomy. Advocate for your direct reports to share their voice. Doing so increases the probability that employees will really engage with their tasks.

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