A new tool makes the job of hacking far easier and more efficient. Called Autosploit, the exploit tool accelerates the time it takes for hackers to find their targets and execute their missions.

The power of Autosploit lies in the elements that comprise it: Shodan, which is a search engine that uses filters to find different types of computers connected to the internet; and Metasploit, which is a penetration testing tool.

As Motherboard describes it, “Usually, a hacker might have to find a server or other target; check whether the target is vulnerable to whatever exploit they may have; and then deliver the attack successfully.”

With Autsploit, hackers can enter a search query for the type of target they’re seeking. The tool then returns a list of computers that fit the search criteria. From there, Metasploit delivers a menu of exploits based on your query. Once the exploits are selected, the tool organizes and launches attacks on the targets identified.

“Arguably, the tool lowers the barrier of entry to hackers who previously may not have had the capability to target a large number of machines at once,” says Motherboard.

Quoting security expert Richard Bejtlich, Motherboard writes, “Just because you can do something doesn’t make it wise to do so. This will end in tears.”

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