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Zoom helps repurpose movie theaters. Here’s why:

Nov 9 – If you’ve ever participated in a Zoom meeting from home or the office and wished that you could instead participate via a movie theater mega-screen, that may be possible in the near future.

Zoom Video Communications is partnering with AMC Theaters to transform select movie theaters into enormous video conference rooms. Starting in 2023, the companies intend to launch the rooms in 17 of AMC’s major US markets.

How it works

At launch, interested parties will be able to book three-hour blocks of time at several theaters simultaneously, enabling firms to host virtual events across multiple markets. AMC and Zoom will provide relevant equipment and, for an extra charge, will offer food and beverage services, along with a concierge and movie viewing option.

Zoom room capacity will top out at 150 seats. The cost of the space is not yet clear.

More details

The CEO of AMC, Adam Aron, praised the partnership for combining the Zoom experience with comfort and the state-of-the-art sight and sound technology associated with AMC’s modern theaters.

As movie theaters struggle to remain relevant in the age of streaming giants, this is AMC’s latest effort to expand its business beyond the box office. Last year, after evading bankruptcy and embracing its status as a meme stock, AMC invested in a Nevada-based silver and gold mining company, and announced a plan to sell popcorn in shopping malls across the US.

In other news…

At this week’s Zoomtopia conference, Zoom also announced a partnership with Tesla. The partnership will enable Tesla drivers to make video calls from their EVs and will allow users to sync Zoom meetings to their in-car calendars. Zoom has shared a video of the feature, showing a driver using Zoom while charging a Tesla Model Y.

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