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Zero Trust Network Architecture in the New Normal

July 25 – Modernize your enterprise with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Zero Trust Network Architecture is now considered a foundational element of a strong cyber security strategy and it can also serve as a component within an overarching business strategy framework.

New work models

Among a distributed workforce, ZTNA can offer unprecedented scalability, agility and stability. As hybrid and remote work models take shape, organizations that fail to secure these modalities could quickly become displaced. ZTNA enables organizations to meet hybrid and remote work expectations without compromising on the security of internal applications. In turn, ZTNA can contribute to a successful reorganization of the workplace.

ZTNA results

ZTNA prioritizes the needs of employees while simultaneously ensuring security for organizational systems. With a ZTNA supported workplace, work-from-home employees can feel empowered, secure and unafraid of working from their own environments. Some experts contend that ZTNA can ultimately advance recruitment efforts and increase employee retention.

ZTNA and employee-first environments

As organizations continue to transition systems to the cloud and to SaaS environments, ZTNA continues to grow in its importance and relevance. Rather than requiring network-centered verification, ZTNA permits access to company systems and apps from any location.

It’s built around a key principle – No user should ever be trusted until verified. Specific security controls determine the credibility of a given user based on the characteristics at network access points. ZTNA can examine factors such as location and device used. This simple technological assessment then allows the ZTNA software to either provide users with access or to request further user verifications.

After a user receives access, preassigned user permissions stratify information and accessibility. ZTNA gives employees access to the resources that they need, without providing excessive levels of access that could lead to elevated security threats.

ZTNA empowerment

ZTNA empowers employees to take work with them regardless of where their jobs or personal lives take them. Avoid losing top talent by incorporating flexible, ZTNA-enabled working models within your organization’s talent retention strategy.

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