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Zero day threats: Future-proofing your system


Zero day attacks are extremely common and extremely dangerous. When it comes to zero day hacking, 2021 has shattered past records. An average of 80% of successful breaches consist of zero day attacks, according to the Ponemon Institute.

In recent weeks, a high-profile zero day threat, known as Log4j, emerged. Its severity was judged as 10 out of 10, and potentially affects hundreds of thousands of organizations around the world. Since then, federal cyber security agencies and software companies have distributed extensive warnings about related risks.

Although said zero day story has faded from the news cycle, the vulnerabilities’ ubiquity continues to threaten organizations, and more importantly, other vulnerabilities just like it could surface at any moment.

In this e-Book, discover what zero day attacks are, why they matter, and how to adopt a prevention-first posture that can mitigate and insulate your organization from zero day threats.

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