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You deserve the best: CPX 360 2022

Jan 25 — In the past 12 months, 66% of organizations have experienced a cyber attack. Of survey respondents, nearly 70% assert that attacks have become increasingly targeted, meaning that they’re tougher to detect, prevent and defend against. And data breaches are worsening, but most organizations aren’t doing enough to handle the heat.

On an individual level, over 30% of individuals have been victims of cyber breaches and nearly 25% of millennials report that they’ve been victims of identity theft. However, many of these occurrences stem from corporate complacency.

In light of this unglamorous reality, there’s never been a better time to explore a wealth of cyber security talks, tracks and resources delivered by bona-fide cyber security professionals. Join CyberTalk.org and Check Point Software at CPX 360 2022, the most important cyber security event of the year.

Event highlights

The cyber security landscape could start to look a lot more threatening, according to some experts. Ensure that you’re able to adequately secure your organization. Attend cyber security keynotes offered by industry veterans, enjoy “Fireside chats” with Usain Bolt, an 8 times Olympic Champion and World’s Fastest Man, and CISO David Ulloa, who oversees thousands of cyber security management details for IMC Companies.

Virtual EXPO booths, breakout sessions and technology roundtables will introduce participants to a wealth of valuable content.

  • In the Secure the Cloud track, participants can attend sessions such as Acronym Demystifying CNAPP + CSPM + CWPP, Cloud Network Security as a Service for Operational Efficiency, Everywhere, and The Future of Cloud Posture Management.
  • In the Secure the Hybrid Data Center track, participants can listen to a Top Secret session, learn about use-cases pertaining to scaling threat prevention, and can discover how to simplify ever-so-slippery IoT security.
  • In the Secure Remote Access (SASE) Best Practices workshops, participants can get more information about the best security solutions on the market and how to defeat ransomware.
  • In the CheckMates Case Studies and Use-Cases track, participants can attend sessions such as Stability and Speed in the Age of the Hybrid Cloud, The Hidden World of Log Generation and Log Suppression on Check Point, and Best Practices for Hyperscale Solutions.

And this is just on day-one of the event. The second day of CPX is jam-packed with more amazing speakers, sessions, hands-on labs, and networking opportunities. Be sure to catch the live Ask Me Anything roundtable with esteemed industry expert Dorit Dor and the Check Point Research and Development Leadership Team.

In summary

Reboot your security strategy. Experts predict a robust suite of cyber security challenges in 2022. Gain insights from CPX 360 2022 that can help you meet and master the challenges ahead. Advance your organization’s security, and security for your organization’s dedicated partners and customers (not to mention your job security). Join us!

As Check Point’s Founder and CEO Gil Shwed, aptly stated, “The second-best security will result in a breach.” Come learn about the best security options on the market. Register now.

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