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White House open source security summit

Jan 14– On Thursday, the Biden Administration hosted a meeting that included major technology players in order to discuss cyber security issues associated with open source software. The main idea is to prevent potential infrastructure attacks and other threats that could result in widespread damages.

The meeting occurred in the wake of the Log4j security finding, which publicized a software vulnerability in a piece of code that functions as a building block for many software applications.

The software vulnerability rendered hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of organizations vulnerable to attacks, and set off a scramble to test, release and install patches.

Virtual summit

The White House meeting, or virtual summit, included discussions concerning practical means of enhancing security standards and management within the open source community.

Leaders from Google suggested setting up a marketplace to help match volunteers to critical open source projects. Criticality would be defined via a private-public sector partnership that examines how and where certain pieces of code are used.

“If we’re going to solve a lot of these grand challenges, it’s going to take all of us,” stated Mike Hanley, GitHub’s chief security officer.


White House officials and technology organizations are expected to continue conversations pertaining to open source technologies. Improving open source security is an imperative, as just a few days ago an open source developer attempted to inject malware into code used by thousands.

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