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What IT leaders fear, ChatGPT

Feb 3 – U.K. Information Technology (IT) leaders believe that some nations are already using ChatGPT maliciously.

ChatGPT attacks

In the U.K., 76% of IT leaders believe that other nations are using ChatGPT in order to enact cyber attacks. Nearly 50% of IT leaders think that a successful cyber attack will be credited to the technology within a year.

  • 57% of IT leaders are concerned about how ChatGPT can create legitimate sounding phishing emails
  • 51% of IT leaders are worried about the general increase in threat sophistication that ChatGPT enables
  • 49% expressed concern about the spread of misinformation

However, as intelligence analyst with Recorded Future, Allan Liska, points out, ChatGPT is not yet particularly good at writing phishing emails or building malware. At the moment, cyber criminals can create more creative phishing emails on their own, and the malware that ChatGPT pumps out isn’t world’s greatest. The situation may change over time, but there’s still a ways to go.

ChatGPT security

Regardless of what exactly is going on with ChatGPT, the majority of UK IT decision-makers plan to invest in AI-driven cyber security in the next two years. A significant subset of leaders intend to invest prior to the end of 2023. This reflects the growing concern that signature-based protection solutions are inadequate when it comes to safeguarding firms from sophisticated threats.

An advantage of using artificial intelligence in cyber security is its capacity to analyze large quantities of data in real-time. The massive volume of data that modern networks generate often makes it a dizzying prospect for humans to try to keep pace. Artificial intelligence can process data quickly, and can efficiently identify threats.

Further thoughts

Both cyber attackers and cyber security professionals will continue to explore how they can use artificial intelligence in order to achieve objectives.

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