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What is World Backup Day?

World Backup Day occurs annually on March 31st. It serves as a reminder for organizations and individuals alike to create copies of important data and files. We’re more dependent on digital technology than ever before, and losing all of your data can spell disaster.

When did World Backup Day first appear on the calendar? 

According to safedatastorage.co.uk, World Backup Day first appeared on the calendar in 2011. The date was selected due to its proximity to April Fool’s Day. The idea is that you would have to be a fool not to backup your data.[1]

What should organizations think about in relation to World Backup Day?

Backup and disaster recovery plans are essential in the modern business environment. Malware, phishing attacks, botnets and DDoS attacks are on the rise and organizational data can be compromised in an instant.

The first step in safeguarding your data is determining what data needs to be backed up. If your organization works has clients/customers, their data should be on the priority list.

If your organization chooses to independently backup data, see to it that your plan incorporates multiple software-based strategies and approaches. Snapshots, replication and stretched clusters can help ensure that you’ll be able to easily restore any lost data in real-time, if needed.

Independent data backup tip: Be sure to carefully choose your backup windows to ensure that your systems and applications do not experience any performance degradations. You’ll also need to think about your bandwidth availability in order to figure out whether or not you can backup all data within your preset backup window targets.

One of the reasons as to why businesses don’t back up their data is that it takes time and resources. If this justification was made within your enterprise, consider backing up your data with a third-party organization. You’ll also receive customer support in case you should need urgent access to your data or in case you have any questions.

Organizations that have recently transitioned to public cloud use should be especially attuned to World Backup Day this year. When data is in the public cloud, you lose some control over it. Be sure to work with your public cloud provider and other groups in order to securely backup your information.

How can organizations educate employees about World Backup Day? 

  • Your organization can send out a mass email encouraging employees to backup their files.
  • Your organization can promote World Backup Day in newsletters.
  • Your organization can promote World Backup Day on social media.

What should individuals think about in relation to World Backup Day?

File loss is more common than you might imagine. Computers can crash, you might spill coffee on your keyboard…etc. A hacker could get into your computer. Your photos, files or other sensitive information could be held for ransom. Take action and backup all of your important data.

The processes are easy. You can create backups on flash drives, use external hard drives, or rely on cloud storage (OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive or Amazon Cloud Drive).

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