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What is SASE?

What is SASE?

The concept of Secure Access Service Edge or SASE refers to the idea of moving away from a traditional network architecture (on-premises) and towards a decentralized architecture (cloud). Security and networking services are converging into one integrated solution that is delivered and managed from the cloud.


The shift to remote work and migration to cloud applications and infrastructures is driving the development of new IT architectural methodologies that are easier to deploy, manage and secure. Prior to SASE, organizations needed to independently orchestrate the integration of multiple different cloud services. SASE services deliver multiple cloud services in a single package.

SASE is cloud-based. Traditional network architectures that are routed through data centers rely on metal-based hardware have disadvantages for remote workers and remote IT operators.

  • Routing packets to the cloud through on-premises networks introduces latency and a lower end user Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • As new services are added, it takes more time and is more expensive to deploy new on-premises servers
  • It is also more difficult to manage on-premises physical systems remotely

With Software-defined Networking (SDN) and cloud orchestration of Wide Area Networks (WAN) SASE shifts the focus from the data center to cloud-based systems. Direct cloud connections yield minimal latency, allow for seamless remote governance, reduce OPEX, and allow for increased security.

Where is SASE hosted?

SASE is generally hosted on the public cloud infrastructure which is available on-demand, facilitating scaling up and scaling down as services are needed.

Services to look for with SASE:

Every vendor’s SASE product package will be unique. That being said, there are key elements to seek out and to compare across product options. Be sure that your SASE solution offers powerful security protections. Look for a SASE solution that includes:

  • A Next Generation Firewall
  • Advanced Threat Prevention
  • A Secure Web Gateway
  • Zero Trust Network Access
  • DNS Security
  • Web Application and API Protection
  • DNS Security
  • Advanced Threat Prevention
  • Integrated Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

Select a SASE solution with an NSS rating, that’s easy to deploy, and that prevents the most sophisticated of cyber attacks.