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What is Safer Internet Day?

Safer internet day has been in existence for nearly 18 years and is celebrated internationally. The day calls on everyone to do their part in making the internet a safer place.

It draws attention to online issues such as social networking scams and digital identity theft. The day also functions as a fun way of educating children about whether or not to trust people they cannot see, how they can verify the legitimacy of information, how to stop cyber bullying and how to avoid cyber snooping.

“A safer internet is a place where people can come together and have a positive online experience [as]…part of a community…and to bring the world closer together,” says Jennifer Hanley, Safety Policy Manager at Facebook.[1]

When is Safer Internet Day?

In 2021, Safer Internet Day will occur on the 9th of February. The date changes annually.

Who started Safer Internet Day?

In 2004, Safe Internet Day began as an initiative of the EU SafeBorders project. In 2009, the EU SafeBorders group introduced the concept of Safer Internet Day Committees, which are responsible for promoting the day across international borders. Over 100 Safer Internet Day Committees currently collaborate with the Safer Internet Day Coordination Team; a group with headquarters in Brussels.[2] The US adopted Safer Internet Day in 2013.[3]

How has Safer Internet Day made an impact?

The UK’s Safer Internet Centre produces educational resources for every age group that educators and parents can utilize with their students/children. Safer Internet Day films, social media-based projects and other activities are available to help people get involved in the day.

How can your organization get involved in Safer Internet Day?

  • Your organization can create educational awareness programming around this holiday, leveraging existing programming resources.
  • Your organization can create new educational resources about cyber safety.
  • Your organization can create new cyber policies in conjunction with this holiday.
  • Your organization can create social media posts around Safer Internet Day.
  • Your organization can promote Safer Internet Day and associated activities in weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletters.
  • If your organization is based in the UK, you can register your support for Safer Internet Day here.

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