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What is programmers’ day?

Programmers’ Day celebrates the work of the world’s computer programmers. The day is celebrated on the 256th day of the year; a deliberate choice based on the mathematical intricacies of binary code. The day may also be referred to as ‘day of the programmer’.

When is programmers’ day?

The day is celebrated on September 12th or 13th, depending on the year’s calendar and whether or not it’s a leap year. In some regions, people celebrate programmers’ day on January 7th or on October 24th.[1],[2]

How did Programmers’ Day begin?

In 2002, two individuals from a group called Parallel Technologies gathered signatures so that their country would sign the day into law. In 2009, President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev signed the proposed bill. As a result, Programmers’ Day emerged.[3]

Why should organizations take note of Programmers’ Day?

Everyone who uses software and the internet benefits from the work of computer programmers. Nearly every enterprise relies on infrastructure and IT services created (and sometimes maintained) by computer programmers.

Therefore, computer programmers are at the cutting-edge of innovation, and their work is continually reshaping our approaches to business. In addition, the effects of programming make workplaces and resources more accessible, equitable and diverse.

How can individuals observe Programmers’ Day?

  • Individuals may wish to consider a career in programming or to develop basic programming skills.
  • If you have programming skills, consider mentoring someone who is interested in the programming path.

How can your organization observe Programmers’ Day?

Within some organizations, Programmer’s Day is really every day of the year (think life science start-ups or major tech firms).

  • Wish programmers (or each other) a “happy programmers’ day” on the day of.
  • Speak in code or pseudo-code for the entirety of the day (if possible).
  • Host contests for the best binary pun or programming-related joke.
  • Order t-shirts with the best binary pun or joke for the team.
  • Play a programming-related trivia game.
  • Host a hackathon.
  • Have a programmer themed cocktail hour.
  • Take to social media and Tweet about your gratitude for programmers!

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