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US, UK and AU forge trilateral security partnership

Sept 17–Three nations are aggregating information and resources to mutually assist one another in safeguarding their physical and computing environments. The new security partnership between the UK, the US and Australia will be known as AUKUS. Officials announced the initiative during a virtual press conference. 

Objectives include promoting intelligence and technology sharing, increased integration of security and defense-related efforts into all aspects of critical infrastructure, and enhanced cooperation on strategic initiatives. 

Improving security together

This represents a next generation partnership, according to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. One of the first major projects that the trilateral unit will tackle includes delivering nuclear-powered submarines to the Australian military.

US President Joe Biden emphasized America’s continual efforts to work with allies and to update alliances to meet the challenges of the times. He noted that the trilateral partnership aims to ensure that the Indo-Pacific region can flourish within the decades ahead. 

The political leaders further emphasized that the geographic distance does not mean that interests and values aren’t shared across seas. This new defense partnership will potentially drive jobs and prosperity, explained UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

First initiatives and new capabilities

The Australian submarine project is expected to last for 18 months. The effort will involve technical, strategic and Navy teams from each of the three respective nations participating in the new partnership.

In addition to the development and delivery of nuclear-powered submarines, the trilateral partnership is expected to help bring about other physical defense capabilities for Australia. These include long-range missile strike capabilities, hypersonic missiles for air capabilities, and other high-caliber weapons capabilities. 

In conclusion

This partnership emphasizes deep defense ties. It retains the potential to solve security gaps in numerous domains of defense.

As these three nations continue to develop strategic physical and cyber capabilities, DARQ technologies, such as artificial intelligence and quantum, will come into play. To learn more about emerging cyber tools that can drive new initiatives, provide a competitive edge for institutions and organizations, and that are poised to increase in value during post-pandemic digital transformations, click here.

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