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US DHS announces new cyber initiative

Nov 16— The US Department of Homeland Security has announced a new cyber security career program initiative. Employees hired via the new program will be participants in what the agency calls “the nation’s preeminent federal cyber security team.”

The US has nearly 50,000 vacancies in cyber security roles. To increase the cyber security talent pool, the US DHS has unveiled the Cybersecurity Talent Management System.

This system is intended to help modernize and streamline federal security hiring processes. At present, openings listed in the system are focused on the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the DHS’ Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Is it a win?

Department of Homeland security representatives state that the system will allow for more efficient recruiting of cyber security workers. In addition, the system will allow for the creation of a new type of federal civil service position. “The cadre of those positions and the individuals appointed to them is called the DHS Cybersecurity Service.”

This new service group will be “the nation’s preeminent federal cybersecurity team working to protect US critical infrastructure and the American people from cybersecurity threats…” stated a press release.

Salaries for these new positions appear competitive with those offered by private companies. Some positions may by paid at a rate similar to that of the Vice President of the United States, at $235,000 per year. Other roles may see even higher salary rates in order to attract experienced technology professionals accustomed to working in Silicon Valley.

Cyber security trends

This represents one of several cyber security initiatives that the US government has launched in recent months. For example, CISA recently offered a $2 million award to two separate organizations involved in the development of cyber security workforce training programs. This effort is intended to address the national shortage of cyber security workers.

As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, and as hospitals –among other institutions- continue to come under cyber threat, the importance of national cyber defense initiatives grows increasingly apparent. For more information about the latest White House cyber security initiatives, click here. Discover further cyber security insights, analysis and resources when you sign up for the CyberTalk.org newsletter.