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UAE sets cyber security vision for next 50 years

September 20 – In the UAE, senior officials are developing a cyber security vision that is intended to strengthen action against digital crime for the next 50 years.

The initiative will provide the country with a high level of resilience, boosting its ability to address “growing digital challenges.”

“As the UAE looks forward to its centennial in 2071, we had an opportunity to pause, examine how the world might evolve, and how we can use technology to optimize outcomes for humanity,” said Dr. Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, head of the UAE Cybersecurity Council, the Emirates’ online security task force.

UAE and AI

The nation’s Cybersecurity Council was established by the Cabinet in the fall of 2020, as cyber threats and attacks surged around the world.

A surge in phishing scams and increased interest in virtual reality, augmented reality, data and AI have also contributed to the emphasis on cyber security.

“Robots will seamlessly integrate into our lives, from personal care to military systems, while artificial intelligence will be able to predict and shape the future,” an official report noted.

More information

Experts say that by 2071, humans’ quality of life will increasingly be determined by a safe and secure hybrid physical and digital world.

The UAE plans to tailor its cyber security legislation accordingly.

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