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Thousands of records stolen in global data breach

June 14 — A new worldwide data hack has affected thousands more people, according to Nova Scotia’s cyber security minister.

However, it’s difficult to offer an accurate estimate of the number of targets affected by breach – which involved occured when hackers targeted the MOVEit file transfer service – due to the large number of duplicate files connected with each individual.

At first, the province’s estimated 100,000 residents had their private information stolen, including social security numbers, residences, and financial information.

Another 13,000 workers working for regional education centers and the province’s francophone school board were also impacted by the breach, along with about 17,500 accounts for water and tax bills associated with the Region of Queens Municipality.

The minister plans to send out notice letters by the end of this week, but it’s possible that it will take longer to notify everyone who was potentially impacted.