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This new Chrome feature can increase security

Aug 21 – A new Chrome feature aims to proactively alert users when a recently installed extension is no longer available on the Chrome Web Store. The feature, known as the “Safety Check,” is intended to address three scenarios.

In the first one, it will send out an alert to users in the event that an extension has been unpublished by its developer. In the second scenario, it will notify users in the event that an extension has been removed on account of a violation of Chrome Web Store policies. And finally, it will launch an alert when an extension is flagged as potentially malicious.

How it works

The notification system will be accessible through the “Privacy and security” section of Chrome’s settings page. Clicking on the “Review” button will allow users to see their list of installed extensions.

The update does not aim to impact legitimate extensions. It uses a dedicated mechanism to notify developers of possible violations and provides them with an opportunity to address any issues before the extension is flagged.

More information

Developer and user feedback on this new mechanism is actively encouraged. The Chrome team is inviting contributions via the chromium-extensions mailing list.

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