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The future of low-code/no-code

Jan 6- Across industries, the adoption of low-code/no-code software development tools is increasing. The low-code market is expected to reach $58.8 billion to $125.4 billion by 2021. Some say that the low-code/no-code movement represents the democratization of programming. Others worry about its implications. What are the pros and cons of low-code/no-code?

Agility and changes

A major advantage of low-code/no-code consists of the ability to easily make changes to software, resulting in faster deployment and updates. This allows for increased service provisioning, connectivity, and client satisfaction for businesses.


In the near future, low-code/no-code platforms are expected to become critical components of digital strategies. However, one challenge associated with non-traditional developers is that they often retain limited understandings of how to secure their projects and how to ensure that it meets compliance standards. In turn, IT managers may need to proactively approach employees about low-code/no-code security. Addressing low-code/no-code security issues up front can prevent challenges at a later date.

No more work for programmers

The popularity of low-code/no-code leads some to wonder about the future utility of professional programmers. However, experts state that programmers will remain necessary, as they will help connect newer tools to older tools, and they’ll be able to take on other tasks that non-coders lack the skills for.

At present, rising demand has contributed to 31,000 new developer jobs per year – and there is a software engineer shortage. Adoption of low-code/no-code tools is not expected to diminish job opportunities for software professionals.


Low-code/no-code software tools are liable to play a pivotal supporting role in the future of software development. However, challenges pertaining to security abound. Get more low-code/no-code security insights in this CyberTalk.org article.

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