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The Case for a Consolidated Architecture


When point solutions first emerged on the market, IT professionals purchased products designed to address specific security problems. However, cyber attacks have evolved in volume and sophistication since the inception of point solutions, and this approach is no longer feasible, nor good enough.

Although point solutions can cover the security basics, a consolidated architecture provides complete visibility, superior threat intelligence and uniquely powerful management tools. This paper discusses how these core capabilities can take your business to new heights. With expanding attack vectors, including cloud, mobile, SaaS and IoT, now is the time to reconsider your cyber security strategy.


For the most expansive and in-depth security insights into your network, visibility via an easy-to-comprehend security dashboard is imperative. A security solution that provides clear insights enables you to effectively manage your risk and your time.

When security products speak in different languages and report in different metrics, teams must devote extensive time to comparing trends. Piecing together disparate bits of information to identify suspicious activity is inefficient, and it can also result in missed clues. When security products cannot communicate with one another, clearly seeing the organization’s day-to-day security posture becomes nearly impossible, valuable talent is poorly managed, and security slips can occur.

Owning security products that cannot communicate with one another, and where metrics aren’t visible in a single location, may mean that your security team needs to manually enter data into different platforms. Not only does this create the monotonous task of rekeying information, it also exposes organizations to data entry errors. With an integrated, dashboard-based solution, data only needs to be entered once, cutting down on the risk of employee errors, which strengthens your cybersecurity posture.

A good security dashboard will offer real-time event monitoring that gives you 360° visibility into your network.

Enhanced Threat Intelligence

Using a dashboard to apply and monitor threat intelligence tools –such as automation, multiple feeds, and actionable insights- accelerates identification and remediation efforts. Threat intelligence tools can help you achieve more than you thought possible…

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