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Tesla owners drove away in wrong cars

March 20 — Have you ever unlocked your car only to realize that’s not actually your car? It could happen to anyone. And that’s exactly what happened to Rajesh Randev, and immigration consultant in Vancouver, Canada.

A case of mistaken Teslas

On Tuesday, Randev believed that he was getting into his Tesla on Tuesday, having opened the door with his app. He drove off. After a few minutes, he noticed a crack on the windshield and called his wife to ask why she hadn’t told him about it.

Then, he noticed that his phone charger wasn’t in the car. Within the hour, he received a message from a stranger who told him that he was driving the wrong Tesla.

What happened next

After Randev parked the vehicle, he noticed that the wheels were different from those of his car. He then called the individual who sent him a message, and they came to the conclusion that he had accidentally driven off with the other person’s car.

Randev had been in a rush to collect his children from school, and after picking them up, the two vehicle owners met in order to set things right.

The second wrong Tesla

Meanwhile, while Randev wondered about why his windshield looked different and why his charger was missing, the second Tesla owner accidentally hopped into Randev’s vehicle.

“It was the only white Tesla on the block and the car opened. But when I drove away, I noticed that something was different about the car,” said Mahmoud Esaeyh, a 32 year-old Uber driver.

There were papers on the seat that didn’t belong to him. He noticed that his usual crack in the windshield wasn’t there. Esaeyh found medical records in the car and a prescription with Randev’s cell phone number, enabling the two to connect.

Tesla’s tech glitch

Randev stated that he did not know how his app managed to unlock someone else’s car.

“We were both laughing and I called the police as well,” he said. “The police said they have my statement but they cannot give me a file number because nothing happened, but if something does happen to let them know and they will investigate.”

At the end of the day, both men said that they appreciated how the other handled the situation.

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