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Spyware found on US State Department phones

Dec 3– Apple Inc recently notified a small group of US State Department employees about their phones as subjects of surveillance operations conducted by unknown perpetrators.

For its part, Apple recently filed a lawsuit against the makers of the surveillance tool in use, which was designed to compromise the security of its phones, among others.

At least nine US State Department employees’ devices were hacked across the past several months. All officials appear to have been based overseas.

Responsibility for the hacks

The NSO Group has stated that its tools were not designed for surveillance purposes, but rather for the purpose of halting terrorist threats and serious crimes.

An NSO Group spokesperson asserts that, should an investigation show wrongdoing on the part of the group’s clients, the company will terminate its relationship with the customer and will pursue legal action as appropriate.

Pegasus and the future

The spyware in question, known as Pegasus, does not require any user actions in order for it to infect a device. It’s zero-click.

The Biden administration has resolved to place further emphasis on the issue of international espionage. For more on this breaking story, see CyberTalk.org’s primary news coverage here.

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