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Reddit upvotes new CISO

Jul 31 – On Monday, the San Francisco-based social media platform Reddit hired a new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Responsible for overseeing platform security and privacy, CISO Frederick Lee is a veteran cyber security leader.

Previously the CISO and Head of IT at Gusto, a payroll processing firm, Lee has more than 20 years of experience at the helm of global enterprises.

“His extensive experience will be integral to evolving our safety infrastructure and cyber security processes so we can continue to ensure our users’ safety and defend against emerging cyber threats,” said Reddit CTO Chris Slowe.

Reddit’s new CISO

Flee holds a University of Oklahoma bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. “As Reddit grows, it is crucial that our security and trust systems remain resilient and agile to adapt to the ever-evolving threat landscape,” said CISO Frederick Lee in an announcement.

More information

Reddit has recently raised more than $1.3 billion across multiple rounds of funding, and the company is preparing for an IPO. The company filed for an initial public offering towards the tail end of 2021.

Reddit retains roughly 57 million active daily users who post news, consume news, put up memes, questions, and the occasional stock tip that can disrupt markets.

An increasing number of hackers are trying to find their way around Reddit’s multi-factor authentication with the aim of socially engineering employees.

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