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Phishing eBook Preview


Phishing represents a continuous threat to enterprises worldwide, and phishing attacks are growing increasingly sophisticated. Once phishing emails slide past security safeguards, nearly a third of phishing emails are opened.

In turn, the probability of someone clicking on malicious content and precipitating a cyber security incident is quite high.

Phishing attacks prey on human behavior, as they aim to take advantage of altruism, fear, uncertainty and other human emotions. Improving phishing prevention can add value to your organization and can prevent value from being lost. In terms of direct value losses, phishing attacks can cost organizations millions of dollars. The latest reports state that the average remediation expenses surpass the $4.5 million mark. And, of course, indirect costs can also take a toll.

Phishing attacks can also affect employees as they work from smart phones. As many as 75% of phishing sites specifically target mobile devices.

In this eBook, get an array of powerful offensive and defensive tactics designed to help decision makers and IT leaders mitigate phishing threats.

Download the eBook here.