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OpenAI GPT store, open for business

January 16th – OpenAI has finally launched its much anticipated GPT store. The company intended to open the GPT Store in November, but plans were delayed on account of internal company events.

The store expands ChatGPT’s potential applications and broadens OpenAI’s ecosystem beyond its current offerings. Effectively, the store will operate as a marketplace for AI tools.

The GPT store will include personalized artificial intelligence applications and will enable customers to build on versions of GPT that can be tailored to specific needs.

GPT Store

The GPT Store business model looks and feels similar to that of the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. In the way that Apple maintains an Apple Developer Enterprise Program, OpenAI plans to create a ChatGPT Enterprise edition. An additional tier of offerings will be available for smaller enterprise teams.

Prior to opening the store, OpenAI established a sophisticated review system to ensure that custom GPTs adhere to brand guidelines and usage policies. OpenAI has also updated the reporting mechanisms for harmful or unsafe content.


One question that’s arisen in relation to custom-built artificial intelligence apps is, “Who’s responsible in the event that app information (or misinformation) leads to negative real-world ramifications?”

For example, what happens when an artificial intelligence app, designed to professionally book travel for a user, messes up the scheduling and a person’s flight arrangements are incorrect?

What’s next

In the coming quarter, OpenAI plans to launch the GPT revenue program. U.S. developers will be compensated in accordance with user engagement levels. The company has not yet shared specifics around what that will really look like.

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