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Humans are the Weakest Link – Corona Edition

In this session you’ll get up to speed and current on:

1. How humans are our weakest link in Corona times, in the new “Work From Anywhere” normal.

2.Cyber security “blind spots” which may have been revealed, or further disguised in Corona times.Humans are the weakest link

3. Peek into the minds of a global Cyber research powerhouse and understand how it can benefit your security strategy.

4. Implications of a potential cyber “pandemic” on a different order of magnitude mirroring the biological pandemic.

Watch for free, here.

Over 400 Vulnerabilities in Qualcomm’s chip – Are you at Risk?

A new Check Point Research reveals more than 400 vulnerable pieces of code in one of Qualcomm Technologies DSP chips, which are embedded into over 40% of the mobile phone market.

Over 4000 risks qualcomm chip

Is your mobile workforce protected? Is your corporate data secure?

What is a DSP and how did we reveal these vulnerabilities?

Get the full story on our live webinar. Watch for free, here.

Can Your Security Controls Handle the Unmanaged & IoT Device Tsunami?

Nearly 90% of devices in businesses will be considered unmanaged by 2021. Not only unmanaged, but also unprotected and unagentable.  “Businesses of every segment face this tsunami of new, connected devices.” Smart devices run our most prominent systems; managing manufacturing lines, delivering healthcare to patients and beyond.  Despite the pandemic, organizations are identifying new means of utilizing smart technologies.

While these devices provide essential services, they’re often missing security components. This is like playing with fire. Businesses must figure out how to mitigate threats and protect these devices. ISAAAre you competitive when  it comes to security controls?

Join Armis’ CISO Curtis Simpson and VP of Product Marketing Christopher Dobrec as they discuss the reality facing businesses with the proliferation of these unmanaged and IoT devices and how to apply agentless device security controls to meet this security challenge. Watch for free, here.

Creating Essential Cyber Policies During the Pandemic

Cyber security policies are crucial to preventing costly data breaches and cyber threats. However, many policies were written before COVID-19. Now, our entire work culture has changed: remote work has become the new norm, and companies have accelerated their Creating essential policies during a cyber pandemicdigital transformation efforts. Are your security policies up to date? Are you following current best practices?

In this talk, you’ll learn the most effective cyber security policies for the new normal, backed by data from the ESI ThoughtLab survey of over 1,000 CISOs.

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Best Practices During a Cyber Pandemic | A Discussion with Motorola’s CISO

Experts in the security field have long predicted that a cyber pandemic could be the next global crisis. According to the ESI ThoughtLab survey of over 1,000 CISOs, cyber criminals and hackers are getting better at targeting and attacking companies. With cyber perpetrators using the COVID-19 pandemic to create havoc with vulnerable organizations, there’s a question that should concern all security executives, “Is a cyber pandemic next?”Best practices during a cyber pandemic

Join Richard Rushing, CISO of Motorola Mobility and Edwin (Eddie) Doyle, Cyber Security Strategist from Check Point Software, as they uncover:

• The key factors to withstand a major cyber attack
• Best practices to mitigate risks and loss
• Strategies to boost cost-benefit performance and ROI

Watch for free, here.

How the US Government Combats Cyber Threats

What is the role of government in developing cyber security policies? How much responsibility does the private sector have in defending against cyber attacks? Listen to what Eddie Doyle and Michael Balboni, President of Redland Strategies, former Senator and advisor to Homeland Security, have to say about this topic and more.How the US gov't combats Cyber Threats

In this talk, you’ll learn about:

• What government agencies are currently doing to tackle cyber security
• The challenges of protecting critical infrastructure and how to best secure it
• Recommendations for CISOs on how to deal with risk in cyber security

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