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Office supplies on-demand? See Uber’s new partnership

Aug 15 – Today, Uber Technologies Inc., and Office Depot, a leading provider of business services and office supplies, products and technology solutions, have announced a new partnership venture.

The two companies will team up to deliver business, office and school essentials to customers across the US.

Uber-Office Depot partnership

Uber is known for on-demand rides and food service delivery. Now, the company intends to up its game by providing on-demand office and school supply options.

Interested consumers can shop through the Uber Eats platform. Items like printer ink, legal notepads, pens, backpacks…etc will be available for home or office delivery.

Members of the Uber One service can receive a $0 Delivery Fee and a 5% discount on Office Depot orders above $15.00.

“Whether it’s a printer paper shortage or a school project glue stick emergency, Uber Eats customers can find what they need to handle business or school supply need with Office Depot on the platform,” according to a press release.

On-demand supplies

Uber styles itself as a company that remains uniquely positioned to meet consumers’ growing desire to obtain products and services on-demand. If consumers need items, they need them within hours -if not minutes- rather than days.

Further thoughts

Is Uber becoming a serious Amazon competitor? The company has expanded from driving, to food, to groceries to pharmaceuticals. In theory, businesses and individual consumers alike might select Uber over Amazon, if they need something in minutes or hours, rather than days.

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