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New Year’s resolutions for cyber security

January 2nd – Fortunately, your cyber security isn’t trying to lose 100 lbs in 3 months.

Unfortunately, cyber threats are escalating, and organizations do need to take more action in order to protect data and the people to whom it belongs. As the new year unfolds, seize the opportunity to elevate your organization’s cyber security.

Be sure to set achievable targets. Focus on how you can make an impact. Begin with easy initial starting points and work your way towards more complex security upgrades:

Initial starting points

  1. Prioritize employee cyber security training. If you haven’t already, invest in comprehensive cyber security training programs to raise awareness of phishing attacks, social engineering attacks, and other cyber threats. An educated workforce represents a formidable line of defense against cyber attacks.
  2. Talk with your teams about advanced threat prevention. Have you explored advanced threat prevention solutions? Determine how your organization can better leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to proactively monitor and isolate threats. AI and ML are now critical components of a modern cyber security strategy.
  3. Engage with the experts. Resolve to collaborate with cyber security professionals and consultants outside of your organization. External perspectives can provide useful insights, ensuring that your cyber security remains robust and aligned with industry best practices.

Further thoughts

The new year offers an ideal opportunity for C-levels and cyber security leaders to demonstrate the organization’s reinforced commitment to cyber security.

Stay one step head of cyber crime. For more information about safeguarding your organization in 2024, click here and see our ‘related resources’ section.

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