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New cyber security order, Biden administration

Nov. 3– In the US, the Biden administration has ordered federal agencies to fix more than 200 cyber security flaws. Some of these flaws were first identified more than a decade ago. Previously, agencies have skirted cyber security issues due to lack of cyber security skill, budget, and differing perceptions around the importance of cyber security.

The new operational directive, issued by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, CISA, provides federal organizations with 6 months to fix most bugs. Agencies have a mere two weeks to fix vulnerabilities identified in 2021. Exceptions have been made for certain networks run by the military, under the Defense Department of the intelligence community, which are under a different management structure.

Preventing intrusions

The goal is to prevent intrusions into and disruptions of government systems. Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Jen Easterly, informed the Homeland Security Committee that issues around ransomware threaten the American way of life, and that vulnerabilities between cyber and physical systems are converging. As a result, we must become increasingly vigilant when it comes to security.

In the last 12 months, both the US government and the private sector have contended with significant cyber attacks. Although the new mandates only apply to federal agencies, Easterly encourages every organization to prioritize the mitigation of cyber vulnerabilities mentioned in CISA’s public catalog.

The new directive, details…

The new directive covers cyber security bugs that are little-known, and little-used, but that could result in significant damage or disruption if leveraged by attackers.

In summary

This new cyber security directive is expected to yield strong results in terms of increased security and mitigation of cyber risk.

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