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Network security in the new normal…

Jan 4— In the past year, cyber criminals have been hard at work trying to break into networks. Many have zeroed in on the vulnerabilities associated with remote work, attempting to hack clouds, edge technologies, IoT devices, and more. In 2022, organizations will need to pay close attention to emerging network security threats and enhance security accordingly so that it can keep pace with a complex threat landscape.

Key network security questions

In synching and distilling security architecture components so that they’re ready for the realities of 2022, organizational leaders may wish to consider the following:

  • Are our cyber security solutions borderless/perimiterless? Can they protect employees across environments; both multi-cloud and hybrid?
  • Can the solutions provide adequate visibility and observability for cyber security managers?
  • Are solutions scalable?
  • What level of vendor support is offered and is the software mature?
  • Are your solutions industry-recognized with proven track records?

In summary

Network security is mission-critical. Network security architecture configurations will differ by organization, and will be based on the resources and endpoints that require protection. Although your organization may currently have a network security framework in-place, consider reviewing it closely to ensure that you can move confidently into 2022. Get the latest on network security for 2022 here.

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