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National Computer Security Day

When is National Computer Security Day?

National Computer Security Day occurs every November 30th.

When did National Computer Security Day first emerge?

National Computer Security Day commenced in 1988. Its inception closely followed an attack on ARPANET -the internet’s predecessor- that harmed 10% of connected computers. The Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) first inaugurated the holiday.

Why was National Computer Security Day created?

National Computer Security Day is designed to raise awareness about cyber security issues. It also helps people maintain online security. For example, many people reuse passwords, but a fair number of those individuals may not know that reusing passwords means that a hacker is more likely to gain access to their credit card number than otherwise. Taking the time to review password security best practices can help individuals avoid compromised credit cards and other unwanted scenarios.

National Computer Security Day empowers people to take ownership of their online presence and identity.

How can organizations participate in National Computer Security Day?

Get high-level buy in. Then launch cyber security awareness programming to communicate critical messages.

  • Host a lunch-n-learn.
    • Treat employees to a special lunch. Use it as an opportunity to reinforce positive and motivational messages about cyber security.
    • Build in thought provoking discussion questions. Allow for a genuine conversation to follow.
  • Run a contest.
    • Material from a seminar can be used in a trivia contest.
    • For IT professionals, run a contest that requires resolving simulated cyber attacks.
  • Gamify cyber security training. Here are some great ideas for you!
    • Allow employees to ‘earn’ 100 points for correct answers.
    • Rewards and leaderboards can help.
  • Conduct a seminar.
    • Include information about the latest phishing tactics and other popular methods of propagating cyber threats.
    • Answer employee questions. Your organization may have unique programs, policies and best practices. Help employees understand material for which they cannot find answers on the internet.
    • Explain who to contact in the event of questions about a specific online interaction or email.

Adapting to pandemic-induced stay-at-home orders means that employees may use work devices for personal tasks, and vice versa. As a result, fostering cyber security awareness is more important than ever before.

Additional online resources to use in preparation for National Computer Security Day?

  • The National Cyber Security Alliance has produced “Cybersecure My Business.”
  • The US Federal Trade Commission has produced a cyber security resource for small businesses. Available here.
  • Singapore’s Cyber Security Awareness Alliance produced this.

How can individuals observe National Computer Security Day?

Individuals should be sure to enhance their web security by:

Developing stronger passwords for login portals. Use a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. Mix up the casing of your letters.

Ensuring that cyber security software, such as antivirus, is in use. If in use, ensure that your other devices (phones, tablets) also have security installed.

Encrypting and backing up data. If a hacker gets in and installs ransomware on your desktop, you’ll want to be sure that you have all of your documents (and your vacation photos) stored elsewhere too.

When it comes to security essentials, there’s so much more. Check out Cyber Talk’s past coverage of National Computer Security Day. Here and here.

Should National Computer Security Day be renamed?

Arguably, yes, National Computer Security Day should be renamed as National Device Security Day. This is because most computer security tips also apply to iPads, Phones and other internet connected devices.

Are you feeling like National Computer Security Day just isn’t enough for you? You’re in luck. There’s also National Cyber Security Awareness month!