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Nation-state attacks target U.K. officials

Dec. 8th – The United Kingdom has made allegations against Russia’s Security Service regarding a sustained cyber hacking campaign. The campaign is said to have targeted U.K. politicians and other public figures.

“We will continue to work together with our allies to expose Russian covert cyber activity and hold Russia to account for its actions,” said former Prime Minister David Cameron.

The bigger picture

On Thursday, Foreign Office Minister Leo Docherty informed the House of Commons that Russia’s ambassador had been summoned and that two other individuals would see immediate sanctions.

Although the Russian ambassador was unavailable after the summons, U.K. officials met with the Russian Embassy’s deputy head of mission and shared concerns about the alleged cyber attacks.

Nation-state actors

A group linked to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), called Centre 18, has been targeting the U.K. by stealing information from those in public life. The campaign is believed to have been in operation across the past seven years.

The United States is also expected to announce sanctions against the group.

Nation-state hacking awareness

These revelations and the public announcements are intended to increase cyber security awareness ahead of major elections around the world, next year.

“This group has acquired a vast amount of data” say Western officials. “This information is used to undermine the West in various ways.”

To prevent nation-state hacking

If you work for an organization that’s likely to become a victim of nation-state hacking, consider upgrading your cyber security now.

  • Use reputable endpoint security solutions on all devices, including mobile devices, to prevent ransomware, spyware and other threats.
  • Because phishing is a common vector through which attacks occur, leverage phishing protection solutions.
  • Adopt a threat intelligence platform that can prevent all cyber threats that are currently affecting or that will soon target your industry and your business.

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