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Microsoft makes $5bn investment in Australia

October 23rd – Across the next two years, Microsoft will invest $5bn in Australia to help protect the nation from cyber threats.

While on a trip to Washington D.C., flanked by Microsoft’s vice-chair and president, Brad Smith, Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed the investment.

Australian cyber security strategy

The announcement was made just ahead of the Albanese government’s articulation of a new Australian cyber security strategy, which will extend through 2030. The new strategy is expected within weeks.

Microsoft believes that the collaboration will enhance joint capabilities to identify, prevent and respond to cyber threats. The tech giant says that its focus will consist of detecting, analyzing and defending against sophisticated nation-state activities.

Australia’s incident reports

According to Australia’s incident reports, one cyber incident is recorded every seven minutes. Between 2021 and 2022, more than 76,000 incidents of cyber crime were reported.

Investment advantages

Microsoft’s new investment in Australia will expand its computing capacity by roughly 250% over the next two years, allowing the company to meet increasing demand for cloud services.

The investment is also expected to help Australia capitalize on the economic and productivity opportunities offered by cutting-edge AI technologies.

Further, Microsoft has committed to supporting the professional development of 300,000 Australians as part of its global skills program. The company is also working to develop its first Datacentre Academy, in partnership with Tafe NSW, which is due to open in Australia in 2024.

Safer digital environment

The proposed infrastructure, upskilling of workers, new funding and new initiatives are expected to help move the country towards a safer and more secure digital economy.

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