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Malware Week 2022 is here!

Join us for Malware Week 2022, From June 6th through June 11th. During this virtual themed week, you’ll get the latest insights into preventing sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks. You’ll discover the latest resources, game-changing strategies and unique perspectives designed to help you advance your cyber security practices, processes and frameworks.

Receive up-to-date information about malware and ransomware threats from global malware experts. In addition, learn about cutting-edge security solutions from Check Point Software and see why a consolidated security solution offers the best protection.

Why Malware Week 2022?

Phones, email and laptops are instrumental in facilitating corporate interactions, organizational productivity, social progress, and economic gains. And all of the aforementioned avenues are also vulnerable to cyber attacks that can thwart efforts to achieve macro-level objectives.

Nearly 20% of cyber attacks involve malware, including ransomware. If that sounds like a relatively small percentage, across the past year, governments worldwide saw a 1,885% increase in ransomware attacks, and the healthcare industry experienced a 755% increase in ransomware.

What you’ll see

During Malware Week 2022, you’ll see a wealth of malware-focused stories, interviews, resources and more. You’ll find:

  • Low-cost high-reward malware prevention tactics
  • Expert-led security solutions recommendations
  • Strategies for reducing susceptibility to attacks
  • Executive-level malware prevention tips
  • Cyber attack prevention resources for employees
  • Mega malware attack information

Inspire your teams, yourself and your organization to combat the electronic opportunists who are determined to steal your data for nefarious purposes. Cyber criminals commonly leverage data collected during malware attacks to advance credential theft schemes, for identity theft purposes, and for intellectual property theft purposes.

Other benefits

How do you prevent known unknowns? By learning as much as possible about perceived threats and planning accordingly. Transform your known unknowns into known knowns.

Fight the malware malcontents. The benefits of highly effective malware prevention and malware detection programs can span beyond keeping hackers out. When you implement a comprehensive program, you’ll help ensure that internal emails consistently reach intended recipients, that your organization prevents financial losses, and that you’ll be able to grow your organization and your career.

Effective malware prevention

Make it as difficult as possible for cyber attackers to reach your employees and your network. In addition to employee education, shield your organization from malware-based attacks with threat alert platforms, artificial intelligence-based tools and other modern cyber solutions.

To borrow from an African proverb, it takes a village. Regardless of your role within your organization, there’s something for you on CyberTalk.org during Malware Week 2022.

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