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Lacroix closes three factories after cyber attack

May 17 — International electronics manufacturer Lacroix has three factory sites that were recently affected by a cyber attack. In order to analyze the attack’s impact, the company temporarily shut down online systems.

In some cases, local infrastructure was encrypted. Investigators are currently assessing whether or not any proprietary data was exfiltrated.

Lacroix’s operations

The company may be able to use backup systems in order to restore key functions. However, this restore-from-backup process is expected to require several days. As a result, all of the aforementioned factory sites have been closed for the week. Lacroix aims to reopen on Monday, May 22nd.

In the interim, partial activity measures have been implemented. A tailored management and restart plan has been developed for each factory site.

Sales impact

The affected sites account for a significant portion of the company, assisting with nearly 20% of total sales in 2022. However, Lacroix does not believe that this cyber incident will have a significant impact on overall performance in 2023.

Lessons learned

The closure of these factories serves as a reminder of the fact that cyber security is not a check-the-box exercise. With basic cyber hygiene (network segmentation, backups, regular patching…etc.), many cyber attacks are preventable.

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