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It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Oct. 1st— Given the recent spate of ransomware attacks on major enterprises, and an increasing number of attacks directed towards remote employees, this year’s cyber security awareness month feels like a particularly good opportunity to provide end user cyber security education.

Where to start? 

Whether your organization has an established cyber security awareness training program or is going from the ground-up, these five insights can help you empower your workforce, help you achieve strong business outcomes, and enable you to succeed in your role.

  1. Ensure that your cyber security training program is ongoing–not relegated to cyber security awareness month or squeezed into two hours at the beginning or end of the year.
  2. Focus on phishing. Employees need to be able to recognize threats in real-time. Humans can either be the weakest link, or your greatest line of defense.
  3. Understand your organization. Apply an approach to cyber security awareness that fits your organization’s unique culture.
  4. Rewrite the stereotype of the security department as the department of ‘no’.
  5. Be sure to measure the effectiveness of your training. This could include self-assessment opportunities and training software metrics that are customizable and boardroom-ready.

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