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iPhone users hit with mercenary spyware attacks

Apple has issued a warning to iPhone users across the world about an alarming cyber attack. This highly advanced attack, known as “mercenary spyware,” has affected users in at least 92 countries, including India. Unlike typical cyber criminal activity, these attacks don’t focus on average users seeking personal information. Instead, they specifically target high-profile individuals such as politicians, diplomats, journalists, and activists. Apple describes these attacks as some of the most advanced digital threats in existence due to their extreme cost, sophistication, and global reach.

Mercenary spyware attacks are exceptionally well-funded and meticulously planned, aiming at a small number of specific individuals and their devices. Apple acknowledges that historically, these attacks have been associated with state actors. However, proxies acting on behalf of nations can also be involved. Since 2021, Apple has been alerting users in over 150 countries about these threats, which continue to evolve over time.

If an iPhone user’s device is affected, they will receive a “Threat Notification” when signing in with their Apple ID. Apple will send both an email and an iMessage ping to the user’s phone and associated email address.

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