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Hundreds rescued from cyber scam factories

April 1st – The Indian government has rescued 250 citizens who were entrapped and forced to engage in illegal cyber activities in Cambodia.

Reports show that the individuals were offered seemingly legitimate job placements, but upon arriving in the country, were corralled, entrapped and used for forced labor.

What’s happening

Official documentation indicates that more than 5,000 Indians have been trapped in Cambodia, compelled to participate in cyber fraud schemes against their will.

This disturbing trend is part of a broader global crisis, with hundreds of thousands of people from around the world falling victim to human traffickers operating job scams in Southeast Asia.

The victims, often young and tech-savvy individuals, are lured by the promise of lucrative job opportunities, online to find themselves ensnared in a web of illegal online activities.

These nefarious operations range from money laundering and cryptocurrency fraud to insidious “love scams,” where unsuspecting individuals are deceived into believing that they are beginning an online romantic relationship.

Addressing forced cyber labor

A sobering report released by the United Nations last year noted that at least 120,000 people in Myanmar and another 100,000 in Cambodia were forced into operating cyber fraud schemes, pointing to the scale of this issue.

This past weekend, spokesperson for India’s foreign ministry, Randhir Jaiswal, stated that the country was working closely with the Cambodian authorities to “crack down on those responsible for these fraudulent schemes.”

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