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How to Keep Your Organization Safe on Social Media


If your organization has been in existence for more than a few years, your brand likely retains a mature risk management structure. But does that extend to social media? Lax oversight of brand-owned social media accounts can harm your brand.

The power and importance of social media is irrefutable. Incorporating social media into an overarching business marketing plan can increase market reach, build brand loyalty, and keep your brand top-of-mind. Social media also facilitates fast communications, low-effort content promotion opportunities, and CapEx savings. Target, paid social media ads can inspire further brand awareness.

“Organizations that do not include social media in their business strategy run the risk of losing relevance in the market,” states the professional human resources membership organization, SHRM.

Yet, despite the opportunities inherent within social media, the absence of a social media security strategy can expose your brand to risk. Be risk resilient. Develop a social media security strategy that prioritizes policies, administrative oversight, and security technologies that can protect your assets.

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