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How Safe is Your Technology Supply Chain?


Although a digital divide exists in many areas of the world, it’s likely your organization relies heavily on an internet-based technology infrastructure. Serving as an economic backbone, it’s effectiveness to deliver depends on an extensive supply chain with interconnected software and hardware. These tech chains have long relied on each embedded application offering high standards of baked-in security. One recent study, however, found “only 54 percent of CISOs believe the applications developed by their organization would withstand an advanced targeted attack and front-line security teams even less at 44 percent.” 1

It should therefore come as no surprise that technology organizations, too, can fall victim to cyberattacks. When it does occur, it can impact virtually all industries that use products and services from tech companies. If recent cyberattacks are an indication of what’s next, then such technology supply chains offer attackers the ability to breach any weak link in an interconnected chain of partners. Let’s look at how recent attacks on technology firms have played out.

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