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Healthcare provider hit by cyber attack

Oct 13 – Australia’s largest health insurer, Medibank Private (MPL.AX), detected unusual activity on its network, prompting the organization to isolate and remove access to select customer-facing systems. “We are working around the clock to understand the full nature of the incident, and any additional impact this incident may have on our customers, our people, and our broader ecosystem.”

More information

The company has affirmed its commitment to resolving issues as transparently and as expeditiously as possible, calling the disruptions ‘regrettable’. Medibank requested a trading halt on the ASX while investigations continue.

3.7 million members

According to its website, Medibank serves 3.7 million members across Australia. As the incident investigation reveals new findings, customers will be provided with regular updates.

Incident response

Employees took immediate steps to contain the incident, and specialized cyber security firms were contacted. As of this writing, no evidence has emerged pointing to the compromise of sensitive data.

Medibank’s CEO, David Koczkar stated that the news is concerning in the ‘current environment’. The incident follows on the heels breaches targeting other high-profile Australian companies.

In summary

Cyber security experts note that insurers, such as Medibank, are considered high-value targets for malicious cyber activity due to the highly sensitive personal information that their databases contain.

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