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Fighting misinformation and media manipulation

Dec 1—On Friday of last week, American news executives joined an off-the-record Zoom meeting designed to help everyone develop stronger foundational practices for fighting misinformation and media manipulation.

The Zoom meetings were facilitated by Harvard academics at the Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on the Media, Politics and Public Policy. Professionals presented case studies and raised important issues facing contemporary media outlets.

Topics covered 11th-hour efforts to produce political scandals, how manipulative persons spread claims, and what misinformation really means – Is it often confused with old-school media tricks?

Guests in attendance hailed from CNN, NBC News, The Associated Press, Axios and other major US media organizations.

Experts state that misinformation techniques have been adopted by a combination of foreign operatives, partisan pundits, violent misogynists, grifters and scammers. Can well-meaning journalists and their communications be deceived by volumes of persons who are in on a misinformation scheme?

One program attendee, the Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Tribune, Sewell Chan, stated that he found the program unbiased and it assisted him in understanding modern forms of mischief making and lie peddling that continue to proliferate.

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